ACRA Eligibilty Rulings

Date Summary Details Ruling
Apr 2017 Enrolled as "extension" student University has some students enrolled as "extension" students, in advance of transitioning to "normal" status. Student takes all classes at UCSB (full-time), pays normal tuition/fees directly to the university, and all classes are in pursuit of an undergraduate degree at the school. Eligible for ACRA? ELIGIBLE
Unclear to the committee what schools have similar programs or how to do a blanket ruling on such programs. However, we feel the student should be eligible to compete given the following:
- taking classes full-time at the school
- paying full tuition/fees to the school
- taking classes applicable to obtaining a degree from the school
Mar 2017 Does enrollment at a community/junior college count against elibigility? First enrolled full-time at a CC in fall 2010.
First enrolled full-time at a university in spring 2014. Does the time at the CC, and the starting point, count for eligibility purposes?
Full-time enrollment at any 2 or 4 year school counts for purposes of athletic eligibility. This athlete's 5 year window started in fall 2010 with the first full-time enrollment, so his eligibility ran out in spring 2015.
Mar 2017 Can you be "part-time" in your final term before graduating? If a student only needs a part-time class load to complete their degree in their final semester/quarter before graduating, are they be eligible to compete? Or do they have to take 12+ units regardless to be eligible? ELIGIBLE
The NCAA has an exception for part-time students in their final term, so long as the class or classes are necessary to complete their degree. ACRA observes this exception. Students should be able to prove this via a petition to graduate that term showing in their student records.
Feb 2017 Dual-enrolled student requests clarification of status Student taking 3 units at university/ACRA program, and 12 units at a community college, as part of a "transitional" program toward full-time university enrollment. Does that qualify the student to be eligible for ACRA? NOT ELIGIBLE
Students must take 12+ units at their ACRA school to be eligible for the regatta.
Sep 2016 Military veteran requests exception - Student did 4 years undergrad 2006-2010
- 1 year postgrad 2010-2011
- 5 years active duty 2011-2016
- re-enrolled in school, seeks exception for 2017 ACRA eligibility
Student exhausted 5 year window of eligibility from 2006-2011. Subsequent military service does not warrant a grant for extra eligibility. Military service done within the original 5 year eligibility window, however, would “stop the clock” for that athlete until he/she resumed school.